Twelve of Eleven


I did finish the Electric Quilt Sampler b.o.m. and I have to say I am so proud of myself!  It isn’t that I am so immensely happy with the quilt itself, as I am happy that I stuck it out and finished it!  And the quilt does look pretty good!!

Wednesday afternoon, I had something that looked like this.  I used a background fabric from my stash that I thought would calm down the colours a bit, and a second fabric for the alternate columns.  I was so disappointed.  I was convinced that what I had planned and sewed would be wonderful!  And you know that horrible feeling when you go to press some pieces and you open it out and say, oh ugh!!  I just wanted to throw it on the floor and stamp on it!! (This picture doesn’t really show how bad this beginning was!)

I had been working from a group of fat quarters for the sampler blocks, and with all the cutting up I  was doing for the design process after drawing ideas in EQ, I was rapidly running out of fabric.

Thursday morning, I had just about decided to put the whole thing in a bag and let it age for a few months or more.  I on-line shopped for fabric that might help make it into a good quilt.  I huffed and sighed and played with EQ, and cut up some more bits.  Took a deep breath and started at it again. By the end of the day, I finished this 42″ wallhanging, called Twelve of Eleven.

I really need to learn how to use the camera, or how to fix pictures.  This quilt looks like it has a different background than the first, but its the same!


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