Thinking and looking and making a mess!


I’ve been at a very low point physically for the past couple of weeks; this happens from time to time, but this is the longest I’ve been stuck for a while. As always, I spend this time with some hand applique, lots of magazines, patterns, books, and the internet! Starting and planning and thinking.

My sisters and I used to say, when we visited certain shops or exhibitions, that we wish that we could throw out everything in our house and just bring in that room! I started to feel that way about my stash, my projects, my finished quilts even! I’d wander into the sewing room and despair that I couldn’t conjure up all the eye candy I had been looking at. I’d get a bit of energy and start flinging fabrics into piles that might make a quilt…then changed my mind…then do it again next time I got too fidgety. In particular, I couldn’t settle on another applique quilt…Jacqueline’s Album was just making me unhappy no matter what fabrics I thought of; Piece O Cake designs were too big for what I wanted (I think I have at least three bed sized applique on the go!). Well, I had a reason for not liking all the applique patterns and books I had! I did decide on a fusbile applique project…but its going to be a long winter if I continue to have relapses.

Sitting on the couch this afternoon, something triggered a great idea in my head. I had a charm pack of something! Oh…where was it? Blackbird designs…Antique Fair…oh! the colours are perfect for my new living room. Anna’s Garden is a Lori Smith quilt that I’ve started umpteen times, and the size is just right for above our couch…and charm squares can be easily used on these small seven inch blocks! And, I found two packs of Primitive Muslin charm packs, which made into four patch blocks will make a terrific background for the applique.

I feel so uplifted to just have made some kind of decision…until tomorrow comes…I wonder if I’ll change my mind again?


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