A finish, and, a I won’t do that again!


Here is Mary Ellen’s Garden, pattern by Lori Smith. Its hanging over our bed, and once the walls are painted, will look better! I did fusible applique on this quilt, it was the kind of quilt that just called to me to get ‘er done, and enjoy it!

And what I won’t do again?

Free motion quilt with poly batting!!! Uggh! At least that’s what I think caused all the problems. This is a portion of the almost finished quilt, the pattern Egg Money Quilts by Eleanor Burns.

I almost always use Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 cotton/poly quilt batt.. I really like how it quilts, how it launders, drapes, everything. For the Egg Money quilts, I bought a poly batt, thinking I would tie it. Well, one thing led to another. First I decide to just straight stitch on the sashing strips. Then, I make the regretful decision to free motion a bit on the blocks. There were skipped stitches, huge tension messes, broken threads, even two broken needles, lots of ripping out. I don’t ever remember having this many problems, even as a beginner. I persevered, and I think I can call it done. Thank goodness this quilt was always destined for the basement rec-room to brighten it.

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