How quilts can become UFOs


I’m the kind of quilter that will just say uncle! when a quilt or blocks no longer makes happy, due to the quilting, the design, the fabrics, whatever; I’ll put it in the back of the closet, I’ll throw it out (!); I’ll bundle it up and toss it far into a corner to discover another day. On the other hand, there are quilts or blocks that I will work with for a loooong time to make right.

This has happened to a few projects that have been taking up “active” space in my sewing room lately. Roll Roll Cotton Boll has gone into the back of a cupboard and I don’t care if I ever see it again. The quilting is the string pieced squares was just too much…a big oops on my part. There were a lot of seams in those squares, plus all that quilting, every time I went back to it to quilt the blue pieced squares, the string pieced squares just got heavier and stiffer. Not at all what you want in a comfy quilt.

The mystery quilts I had pieced over the summer? Well, the one with parts like this finished as a design that doesn’t work all that well for my fabric choices. The green star points just disappear into the design. I’ve drawn the quilt several times on EQ, and layed it out on the bed, and it does need re-jigging. So, that’s a quilt that will disappear for a quite a while!

The one with parts that looked like this has potential to be a fantastic quilt. Only problem is I didn’t cut some of the long sashing and border pieces (or if I did, I can’t find them!); I’m not happy with the background fabrics for the centre medallion; and I think I “borrowed” some fabric from the pile for another project, which means trying to figure out what substitutions I can make. Oh! While typing this I just had an idea. So maybe I’ll keep this one still in my active drawers!

This is Honouring Emma, applique design by Lori Smith. I had so many ideas for setting this quilt, and I chose the wrong one. There is nothing terribly wrong with it, just not right to me. I think that this will be this weekend’s project, finally taking it all apart and starting over with a new setting. I don’t want this one sitting in the closet for another six months, waiting for its turn to be loved!

Do you have quilts in limbo? Those ones that you might refer to as a UFO, but deep down you know you don’t really care anymore? And blocks or tops that you want to love, but need to fix?


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