Quilting Roll Roll Cotton Boll


I’ve started quilting Roll Roll Cotton Boll, a scrap quilt designed by Bonnie Hunter.  I realized while sewing together the blocks that I wasn’t very successful at string piecing!  My seam allowances were somehow too narrow in some places, and there were a few areas where the seams came apart.  So the first order of business after sandwiching the quilt was to use a decorative stitch over those seams to close them up. Hardly noticeable, on the front.

I had to tackle quilting those big string pieced blocks.  Up till now, I ‘ve avoided any quilt with large open areas that have had to be quilted!  I figured this would be a great practice piece.  I can stipple, meander, echo quilt, do some leaves,  make loops and circles, even M and W kind of lines and squares, but not much else…and I seem to always fall back on this type of free motion.

I have a few of Patsy Thompson‘s free motion quilting dvds, and I used her seashells idea to quilt these squares.  A lot of work!!   I’ve done one or two blocks a day, and it seems that I’m getting nowhere…just now I thought I had one block left, but I actually have two left, and the setting triangles to consider).

I can make the initial design, and basically keep going…but then, I kind of lose track and next thing you know I’m making some other echo pattern, or have worked myself into some strange space to fill up, or I’ve crossed a line or more…but, good practice, and I can see my stitches getting more even and I’m better at re-tracing a line.  I’m pretty happy with it, but I think I should have made a different choice.  It looks good, but because of all the seams in those blocks, and now the quilting filling it in, the quilt is getting a little too compact for my liking.  So I’ll have to do some real thinking on how to do the pieced blocks, as a quilt is supposed to have an equal or  proportionate amount of quilting in all areas, but I don’t want any more heavy quilting. Rule breaking here I come!


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