Applique Planning, continued


The Jacqueline’s Album quilt pattern arrived yesterday and I started to cut up my fabrics.  I have found that for me to be at all successful in committng to an applique quilt on my own, without the benefit of block of the month mailings, I have to choose and cut out the main fabrics for each block prior to starting to sew. 

I am really pretty comfortable with my colour planning skills with pieced quilts, but as I have said many times before, applique quilts just bring me trouble.  I think its because I’m too busy thinking, would two flowers in the same bunch really have two different colours?  would there really be that many shades of green in the leaves?  should I match two flowers, and put something interesting as a third? etc. 

I cut out a square of fabric for each main element of the block, not cutting out leaf or stem fabric.  This gives me a good idea of how the colours or fabrics are being used block to block.  Well, first disappointment working on this quilt was that gee, these fabrics are boring.  They almost all read as solid.  (I’ve thought often of doing an applique quilt with just solids, and this may be just the one! ).  Then, as I’m getting to block three or four, I realize my oranges, which there are just two, are either not enough or not right.  So switch the orange to pink, dig around my bits and pieces tub a bit more, and find a couple of more fabrics with a bit more range of colour.  But…its niggling at me that these colours just aren’t making me happy.  The yellow is too bright, the purple and yellow combination in these shades are just not in my comfort zone.  I gave up the effort after about eight blocks planned, and this morning I said to myelf I’d carry on and likely be happier as I see the blocks sewn.

However,  applique quilts can take a loooong time to make, and with all the applique and handwork I’ve got going on right now, this one could easily take a year or more, especially with the border.  So one has to be very happy and comfortable with the fabric choices…and this just isn’t going to work.

I’d still like to stick with yellow in rememberance of my Aunt, but I’ll have to find some other more subdued colour palette.


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