Sewing Space


My new sewing room is coming along nicely… my husband has put together an ironing board that’s 5″ bigger each way, a big improvement to me! We just placed an old board on an old sewing cabinet, covered with a wool blanket and cotton batting and stapled it all in place. He put wheels on the bottom so I could pull it out from the wall for ironing yardage and tops.

My biggest excitement is my cutting board! My father in law had an old melamine table top that fit exactly on to an old treadle cabinet…I can now fit an entire 36 x 24 cutting mat on the table, and walk around it!! This to me is a treat…I had to cut my old mats down to 30 x 18 to fit on my table, and the table was surrounded on three sides by a walls and shelf support. I’m in rotary cutting heaven!

I also have two doors now, one for a closet and one for the hall. On each closet I have hung a shoe storage bag, the one showing in this picture has some odd half yards stuffed in the pockets, and a couple of pockets hold various marking pens and tools. The other shoe storage bag holds lots of fat quarters!

I’m starting to quilt Stars and Sprigs, in a layout that gives me a long skinnyish wall hanging, 32″ x 56″, for a wall in the downstairs family room that is just needing a quilt that size!

I’m trying out something called Pinmoor, for basting the quilt instead of safety pins. So far they have my vote…much easier to remove from the quilt with quilting gloves on (or not), and just as easy or easier to put in than safety pins!


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