Roll Roll Cotton Boll


I got the pieced borders sewn together and on to Roll Roll Cotton Boll, designed by Bonnie Hunter, so another top done! I went a little bit crazy in planning quilts while I couldn’t do any actual sewing, so I’m busy putting together tops that are almost done, just so I can get to my new projects! Stars for a New Day just needs the final plain borders sewn on, and that’s another top. I have to start quilting soon, as my tops are quickly becoming inventory in my sewing room (10 tops to quilt….how did I let that happen!? … some are not as well liked as others, and have been lurking on the to be quilted list for more than a couple of years). I need to find some large space in my new home, so I can get a top sandwiched, more boxes and stuff to unpack…yuck.

I had been thinking to give Roll Roll Cotton Boll to my nephew, who will be 15 in a few months…but my niece is interested in it too. It would a surprise for my nephew, and I really do think it would suit him better…its large, about 70″ x 85″. I had better find another quilt, done or almost done, for my niece.


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