do you sew with your left or right foot?


Well, I mean which foot do you use to operate the sewing machine foot pedal?

I’ve always used my right foot, but am learning to use my left foot. This is because after months of not sewing much at all (I can hardly believe that it was April that I last posted on the blog!), I finally got a chance to do some piecing, then I had an accident with my foot and some glass cooking dishes, resulting in a nasty wound and several stitches.

I haven’t been making much using the machines as we have moved to a new home. The move process was something I would not want to repeat! Being without a sewing room for months, followed by trying to re-settle, then some very trying not-our-fault legal issues to do with the sale of our old house….finally able to get serious about quilting, only to be stalled again due to my foot….no wonder I’m learning to sew with my left! Desperation can sure lead to learning new skills!

Oddly enough, the first thing I’ve caught up on is “Consider the Lilies“, which was my last posting in April! This free b.o.m. is offered by Val Laird; the message and the design have been just what I needed over the past while.


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  1. I use my left foot all the time. I started because I had problems using the knee lift and the foot pedal at the same time with the right leg. Now I have abandoned the knee lift but prefer left footed sewing.

  2. I broke my ankle a year ago and was forced to use my left foot and have never gone back to my right as it feels more comfortable with the left and I was told it is more ergonomically correct to do so.

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