Stars and Sprigs


It seems like a very long time since I last sat down at my sewing machine! Weeks of cleaning, de-cluttering, and packing….the house sold, and we’ve bought a new home which we’ll move into in mid-June. The boxes of projects I had put aside, the notions and thread, have been sorted through again, and I’ve re-acquainted myself with them.

I sewed the first row of stars for “Stars and Sprigs” by Kim MacLean. I had been working on the applique blocks by hand, finishing three, all the while considering the wonderful applique borders which to me just makes this quilt as wonderful as it is. I know that I will not have the patience to work those borders by hand, and I don’t want to end up editing the quilt to avoid doing so! Today I made one of the applique blocks by fusible machine applique, and I think that will work nicely, especially knowing that I’ll have at least a chance at the borders 🙂 I do still have several hand work projects to do when once again I have to pack up my machine for the move, and while I wait to put together a sewing studio (larger than the old one!).


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