All Packed….


I’ve packed just about everything in my sewing room, save a few projects that I can keep in a few shoebox type storage containers, and one roll-y cart. They also have to be sewing that I can do in a small amount of space, with the tools I’ve chosen to keep. I have Consider the Lilies, Val Laird’s block of the month; the Electric Quilt block of the month, Henrietta Whiskers block of the month. For hand work, I have Stars and Sprigs by Kim Maclean, My Whimsical Quilt Garden by Piece O Cake, and wool applique using My Mother Taught Me to Sew by Faye Anderson.

I need a couple of machine pieced quilts, so I chose Winner’s Bouqet by Atkinson Designs – easy to cut one block at time and assemble. I was going to work on the last border of stars for Stars for a New Day, but it was going to take far too much organizing and space to work on. So I dug up a quilt design that I had cut up years ago, the baggy simply labed Red and Green Log Cabin….from Kim Shaefer’s book on Christmas quilts. The book has been packed, but thank goodness for Google Books, as I found a picture of the quit so I can at least see what her Log Cabin block design was.

Here’s a picture of the second block of Consider the Lilies


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