Meet me at the Manor


The last top done – or flimsy as some call them!

The pattern is a series quilt from Quiltmaker magazine, four parts ending in their March/April 2011 issue. There were to be stars in the final border, but I just made scrappy squares – I had been making so many stars for Stars for a New Day that I had had enough for now! Also, this ends it at a better size for my niece, who will hopefully be receiving the finished quilt some time this summer.

I’ve been sewing together tops to prepare for a move, and today the packing begins. We haven’t sold the house yet, but my little sewing room off the kitchen would be much better presented as an office to prospective home buyers. So all has to be packed up, saving hand work and maybe a bit of piecing to keep me happy for the next few weeks.


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  1. Hello there. I found your blog by searching for parts for my old Singer 316G. I live in Virginia.Your blog is lovely.I have a silly kitty blog (as you can see) but I do love sewing – a lot!I have my mom's old machine and I adore it. I need a new presser foot.Do you know anywhere I could find parts for my machine?thanks loadsThis is my have book marked your blog, as I am just beginning to learn about quilting. revij

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