Roll Roll Cotton Boll


Not a top yet, but all the units are finally made!  And all the string pieced blocks, and six of the pieced blocks. 

I never made a Bonnie Hunter mystery before, and never made a quilt with so many scraps of planned colours!  So so much sewing!  I had started out making all the required units in parts one and two, knowing the quilt was going to be bigger than I wanted.  When she got to the assembly instructions, I found I could easily make a 20 block setting instead of a 30 block setting, so from there I cut down on the amount of required units.

I usually make my quilts in parts, spread out over a period of months, as that way I can enjoy a variety of sewing – a what do I want to sew today?  But I got so hung up on the units of the Cotton Boll quilt, it was a mission for me to at least complete the units – I thought I’d be sewing for forever.  But finally today I can take a pic of some of the quilt to be, and all the parts are ready to be sewn together when I’m ready.  All I can say so far about what it looks like, umm, interesting.


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