Henrietta Whiskers….or Feathers?


I fell in love with the squirrel in Anne Suttons new free b.o.m (Bunny Hill Designs), and also the quilt home that Henrietta the squirrel lived in.  I quickly went through my stash and found all the fabrics that I would need for the quilt top, made the first background block, then looked again at Henrietta.  Oh that squirrel is so cute!  But really, do I or anyone I know need or want a squirrel on quilt or wallhanging?  Hmmm….  I thought flowers, and baskets, and any number of things that I could applique.  Then I remembered a bird that’s just as cute as (well, almost) Henrietta.  This bird is from the book Stitch Raw Edge  Applique by Sue Nickels and Pat Holly, in the pattern “21  Birds”.  I decided to machine appplique the pieces, and used a 30 wt black thread on all motifs – I’ll continue this throughout the quilt.  I do hope I can adapt the rest of Henrietta’s designs to my little bird.


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