A quiltmaking marathon! A Farmer’s Wife meets Jane.


Over the past few weeks, I have been determined to assemble three quilt tops that I wanted *done* for the end of 2010.  There are a few new projects I’m looking forward to starting, and of course more than a few projects still in progress, and I very much wanted to have these three quilts ready to quilt when I wanted.  So here are pictures (not great pictures, as I had an uncooperative helper!) of the three I finished…the third finished just this morning…I feel I’ve sewn miles of borders!

Here’s the one I’m most happy with…I’ll share the other two tomorrow.

 The Farmer’s Wife meets Jane is 89 x 89.  The final border is actually a medium green…and I wish I had it made it 8″ wide instead of 6″.  The reason for the change in size is that I put a friendship star block in each border corner, to represent the stars that both Jane and a farmer’s wife might have seen in the sky at their time.  I might add yet another narrow dark border to better balance out the quilt.   This is a few years worth of Dear Jane blocks and Farmer’s Wife blocks.  64 Dear Jane blocks.  34, I think, are from a group attempt at the quilt, those are red, pink, and white.  The remaining Dear Jane blocks were from a block of the month that I didn’t complete.  Quilt math is interesting, as it turned out, there are also 64 Farmer’s Wife blocks, that I made from scraps while using the patterns from the book  I designed the quilt using EQ7.

Do you know that if you click on the quilt picture, it will appear in a new tab, and if you click it again while in that new tab, it will get quite a bit larger?  Great idea for all the wonderful quilt pictures out there on blogs!

Happy New Year!


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