Stars for a New Day, month 7


I’ve been keeping up with my plan to work on Stars for a New Day on a monthly basis, but this month – arrggghh…I’m getting awfully tired of those little 1” hsts and all those stars, and all that paper ripping, this month’s set would have ended up in the garbage if I hadn’t been so determined!

All the hsts are sewn by using a paper piecing hst grid – kind of like Thangles but in a rectangle shape to yield the correct number of hst colour combinations.  Then those have to be cut apart, and paper ripped off, and pressed.  Then each of the “fancy stars” are made up of 8 rows of 8 hsts or plain squares.  The little sawtooth stars are kind of fun to sew up, once I’m past the paper pieced hst part!

There are six month’s worth of making up these sets – four “fancy stars” and 8 sawtooth stars – I’ve done four sets, and still have two to go.  I just keep looking at the centre feathered star I had done earlier to make me keep going.


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