I got a Kindle!


My son kept telling me about ebook readers – and I totally rejected the idea because a book is a book – nothing better!  But then I became aware that I  haven’t read a book in several months -which for me is more than unusual – because I can’t afford or won’t pay the high prices for new books; the library is hard for me to get to on a regular basis; and  second hand stores don’t seem to have the selection they once had.  An ereader gives me instant books, and after testing out a Kobo, I found that it really was possible to lose myself in the story and forget that I’m reading it on a device instead of from a book.  The page has no glare, no backlit, clear black and white printing, and is very easy on the eyes. 

I so much wanted a Kobo, I guess because it looked like it had the most simplest form, and to me it was Canadian, and it supported epub books which are a bit more readily available than the Kindle format.  But I just couldn’t cope with the blue navigation button on the right front of the reader.  It gave my thumb a cramp, as it required a bit of push; and its location made it very difficult to use with another hand or finger.

One very neat thing about the ereader is that I can put my pattern pdfs on to it, and save printing all those pages.

So, here’s my new Kindle (a birthday present from my husband), along with a cover made from a pattern at Moda Bake Shop.  I even used the kindle to read the directions for the cover, while making the cover!


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