Something from something else!


I had an idea to give a quilt to my Aunt…thinking of what was Select Six put together some time ago.  After taking it out of the drawer, I thought I would make it a bit narrower, so I played on EQ and took apart the top a bit, and re-designed it.  Its looking okay, but I don’t like the last brown border (unfortunately it doesn’t show much on this picture)…so that will eventually come off and be replaced with something a little brighter, maybe a colourful small open design on cream.

Still wanting to give a quilt to my Aunt, I started thinking about the “just kisses” applique blocks I had made so far.  Back to EQ, and after lots of playing, I came up with something I think will be wonderful for Pauline. This quilt is 68″ square, all fabrics from the Golden Afternoon collection from Connecting Threads. 

One more top is on its way, from blocks that I had made but didn’t like. I made the mini churn dashes that formed the inner part of a block in a pattern called Odds and Ends from American Patchwork and Quilting. After completing a few blocks with those churn dashes, I was just not happy with the look. EQ to the rescue, again, and I came up with this idea, followed by a picture of the blocks made so far. This will eventually be a quilt for a niece, I think.


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  1. I love your quilt tops. They look wonderful!! You should come and enter the giveaway on my blog. It ends tomorrow. Then next week I'm giving away and GO! cutter. So come on over and check it out.

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