P3 Designs block of the month mystery


This series is up to month five – we have a centre, and four each of the blocks I’ve placed on the design flannel, to the side of the centre.

I find it hard to get enthusiastic about mystery quilts – I love the idea, but ensuring that I pick the fabrics correctly to get a nice quilt is a little intimidating.  This year, for Pearl P. Pereira’s mystery quilt, I found fabrics in my stash that have worked pretty well.  The peach check (that make up the large flowers on the sides of the centre block) could be brighter – but it still works.

Pearl writes terrific instructions – which is a very good thing because these are not your usual blocks!  I don’t know how she comes up with her designs, but they are the kind where you stitch, cut and flip pieces until you end up with these interesting leaves and flowers.  Very different, and a bit challenging – you  have to follow the directions and work carefully step by step.

If you’d like to join in, all the previous month’s instructions are still available.  Go to Pearl P. Pereira’s website, and click on the forum link in the menu on the left. 


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