keeping up with Stars for a New Day


Well, no I’m not really keeping up with Stars for a New Day, as this was the Quilt Show b.o.m. for 2009, but I am keeping up my own new schedule of sewing one month’s instructions every month!  A variation of this quilt is also offered at a few quilt shoppes as Washington Medallion, with a few less stars!

Sue Garman designed this quilt with excellent instructions…all of the star blocks are made with”paper pieced” half square triangles to make up the flying geese units and points…while this works very well to make up the colours and patterns she’s suggested, it is unfamiliar to me.  I almost always make my hsts and flying geese the traditional way, with triangles cut and sewn together without any sew, cut, sew methods.  The hst grid which is provided with the patterns is a different way for me to work, but I’m enjoying the difference, and as Sue’s cutting and layout instructions are all based on this grid, it doesn’t make sense to try to convert everything to my usual way of doing things.

So here’s my work so far…the next few months are more of the sawtooth stars, and what Sue calls border stars, which are sawtooth star variations.


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