Summertime Variation, quilted


I wrote about this quilt on my blog here.  I got the quilting done, and hung it up in a hallway before taking a picture.  Since then, I’ve been waiting for the right time to ask for help to take it down, and take its picture.  Well that doesn’t seem to be happening, so here’s the picture at an interesting angle.

And a close up picture, trying to show the quilting.  Its hard to have a picture show the quilting!  I just did a straight stitch design in the churn dash blocks, and some outline and squiggle free motion quilting on the applique blocks.  If you click on the picture once, it gets bigger, and click on it again, it should get bigger again. 

The big discovery for me was the border.  I started off making a free motion line connecting a kind of flower doodle…but it didn’t fill up the space right, and it looked kind of skinny and lonely.  So I made a second squiggle line that overlapped and kind of ran parallel to the first line – I’m really happy that it turned out okay – better than having to rip and re-stitch!  The binding was sewn to the back first, then brought to the front. To sew down the front of the binding,  I decided to a machine blanket stitch to match the applique stitching.


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