Just Kisses…


Yesterday I wrote a bit about making the crossed leaves blocks of the Hugs and Kisses b.o.m. pattern at the Quilt Show. Here’s what I’ve done to date –

When I first started playing with the crossed leaves design, I thought it might be fun to make the stems curved and casual, rather than straight and formal.  I kept thinking of wind. I started out making some trial leaves and stems prepared for machine applique with turned edge and starch…I quickly realized that that method wasn’t going to work too well due to muscle fatigue and pain from the repetitious movements of the iron and tools. 

I then thought I would use glue stick to turn the applique edges, but I didn’t want to remove the freezer paper after sewing (I have done that on another project, and never again!).  I decided to try the wash away foundation-applique paper  from C & T (amazon.ca sells it for a good price).  It certainly made preparing the leaves quick and easy – with a little help from Beth Ferrier’s book, Hand Applique by Machine.  I think it even made the machine applique a little easier, as there was a definite edge to the leaf to follow with the presser foot.  The only thing I am not sure of, is that the finished applique blocks seems to be a little weight-y…I’m tempted to wash one in the sink and see what happens!

I made a drawing of symmetrical curved stem lines, to fit the block size.  I’ve used that to lay out each block…I had to lose one leaf on the inner curve of each stem so it wouldn’t be too crowded due to the curves. My intent is to make eight of the crossed leaves blocks (repeating two), and one of the wreath blocks, set in a 9 block setting, something like this:

The fabric I’m using is from the Golden Afternoon collection at Connecting Threads, and a salmon colour from my stash instead of the yellow from the collection.


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