The Fabric Shuffle


Since January, I have been looking at, studying really, the applique b.o.m. from the Quilt Show.  I very much liked the blue and green fabrics – the colour, print, style.  I very much liked the crossed leaves blocks (“kisses”) – but I wasn’t at all sure about the wreath blocks (“hugs”).  In an effort to end some indecision, I order the fabric kit when it went on sale.  But…I didn’t want to make the quilt exactly as shown.  Days and days of mucking about on EQ, and playing with paper templates, and wondering what would I do with the kit fabric if I made the quilt with some other fabric?

In the end, I played with some red and green fabric to make a variation of the crossed leaves blocks.  I liked that so much, that I knew that the blue and green were going somewhere else.  The background fabric went to the Whimsical Quilt Garden blocks – the white on white dots were just perfect!  In the end, I’ve used the blue and green for a block from Honouring Emma, by Lori Smith.  I’m going to like making this quilt in these colours…in this picture I have used the yellow from the kit as an accent, but I’m thinking of changing or adding a bit of purple…there is a slight big of purple accent on one of the blue fabrics.  I’ve done this block as hand applique, tomorrow I hope to finish machine applique on the fourth crossed leaves block and post a picture of the ones sewn to date.


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