July 23, 2010 – where did the time go?!


I haven’t written or posted pictures on the blog for a while…but it wasn’t until now that I see that the last blog posting was May 31!  Wow!  I’ve been gone so long, that I see pop ups all over my blogger page to show off improvements to the service.

June I guess just slipped by…followed quickly by most of July!  Middle daughter graduated from high school, daughter in law won  2nd place in our provincial bowling championships, youngest son continued to struggle with school and finding a place for himself.  My mother has increasing dementia-like symptoms and my sisters and I are coping with how best to give her continued freedom while planning for the future.

I’ve been working on various quilt blocks and quilted a wall hanging.  EQ7 arrived, which had me mindlessly preoccupied for quite some time!  My favourite new feature is improved drawing tools, which makes it so much easier to trace scanned applique images.

So, here’s a picture for today.  It’s the first block of Piece O Cake’s My Whimsical Quilt Garden pattern – it’s a b.o.m. kit from Homestead Hearth – so I can’t take much credit other than for the hand applique sewing!  I  don’t  do “cute” blocks, and I don’t do “bright” fabrics – so this is a real change for me.  I love the birdie!  The bird’s tail isn’t sewn down, it is meant to be overflow the block and be sewn onto the sashing, so I prepared the edges with starch.  The beak and legs were done with a dmc floss and satin stitch.


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