I have been trying, for weeks I think, to re-design a quilt pattern.  I have so many quilt sketches in my EQ file for this quilt, at one point there were over 28 design variations (despite deleting many), all using the same sampler blocks and nine patch blocks.

Here’s the original block of the month quilt, which I fell in love with – the colours, the setting – I just had to have it!  It is called Select Six, designed by Karen Montgomery at The Quilt Company.   The finished quilt size is 76″ x 89″.  This picture does not give a good idea of the wonderful variety of fabrics in the blocks and nine patches, and the setting triangles for the sampler blocks are actually a variety of golden browns.

As the months went by, though, I realized that the quilt was just a bit too big (we really need a new couch quilt, and I also have a couple of people in mind who would like to receive a quilt that size).  Mostly,  I was awfully afraid of quilting those large open areas – some people would be looking forward to creating some wonderful quilting in those areas, but me?  Nope.

Here, finally, is my redesign.  There are butterflies in the corners, just because I’ve always wanted a chance to put butterflies on my quilt!  The finished size is 69″ square.  The sampler blocks aren’t all the actual ones in the quilt, and the colours are just to give me an idea of what’s happening on the quilt.

So now this is becoming a habit, joining b.o.m.s and then redesigning the quilt…this makes three this spring.  So why join the b.o.m. in the first place?  I enjoy the pace of receiving the monthly kit; I enjoying sewing it, putting it away, and not having to think about when I’ll do the next part, or storing or searching for fabrics.  Second, I do enjoy the process of redesign – its a wonderful challenge!


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  1. I like that you redesign BOMs. I do the same thing as I do not like having approximately 100 quilts look like mine, especially right in my own neighborhood.

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