Evernote software for organizing your quilting works


I use a wonderful – free – program called Evernote to organize all my quilting w.i.p.s, ideas, b.o.m.s, etc.  The program can be used on Windows, and on various portable electronics, synced back to your computer.  I’ve been using it for several months now and I find myself referring to it daily – here’s a screenshot of what mine looks like

The first thing to do is set up notebooks – mine include online b.o.m., subscription b.o.m., ideas, stash (which means to me quilts in some kind of progress), to quilt, possibilities with fabric (different from ideas as I have fabric ready to go).  Then you just list what you like within each notebook, each item can have as many pictures, web links, text, etc. as you want.    (I’ve marked out the number of items for each notebook, ack!, don’t want to have that information public, lol.)

In the screenshot  are the details for Floribunda.  On the left is the list of notebooks, in the centre is a summary of each item in that notebook (here it shows the online b.o.m. notebook) , and on the right is all the details of the highlighted item, complete with picture from EQ which shows what Floribunda might look like when its done.

Eventually I added tags – piecing, hand applique, machine applique, in progress.  Now I can see the number (!) of quilts that I’m currently working on.  And, for example, I can see that I have way too many hand applique projects ready to go!!

For me, Evernote is a quick way to stay organized because I can drag and drop info from places on my computer and from websites – I can refer to it often so I don’t forget that great picture, pattern, or drawing.  I also use it to pick and choose something to work on when I’m feeling less than inspired – that’s how I ended up finishing these two tops this week.


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