Great stash digging results!


Pearl Pereira is offering a free mystery block of the month – mostly piecing and some applique – just introduced last week.  Mysteries are hard to commit to, and even harder to plan for…the not knowing of what you’re going to get makes the fabric selection that much more tricky.  Pearl’s fabric choices showed red, 2 blues, 2 pinks, 2 greens.   I decided that I’d participate only if I could find all of the pieces in my stash – after much digging, I got together a wonderful grouping of fabric, and even better, it included some pieces that I had just about given up hope of ever using.  Instead of red I have a predominately peach floral, and the two pinks are peach.

Here’s a mock up of the first block on my design flannel, I had a little grin on my face when I stepped back to see that with the fabrics chosen, I could be on my way to a very nice quilt.  Beside it I put the second background and the remaining fabric swatches.  I did have to order a little more of the bright green, and a little more of the second background – but, bonus!  I caught the last day of a sale at the web store.


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