Anna’s Garden


Here are the first three blocks of Anna’s Garden, pattern by Lori Smith.   These are 7″ blocks, and the background is a dark navy.  Working on these blocks are like working on little applique snacks – just enough challenge to make it interesting, and enough leeway in the design to not worry too much about placement and fine details.  I am happy with the colours, but I do find myself wavering.

After the first two blocks, I brought out some large pieces of mostly civil war era repros.  I almost changed my mind right then and there. Something about those shades and tones that just make me feel like I could crawl right into the pile of fabric! 

But, the style I’m working on now is just fine…nothing wrong with it…just do I want to do the whole quilt like this?  It only takes a few charm packs to make up a quilt like this.. hmmmm.  My goal is to do two to three of these a month; lets hope that in April I’m not showing a whole different set of colours and fabrics!


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