Stash organization really does help!


I have had a great – fantastic – past couple of days in the studio, resulting in some great decisions on applique and pieced projects that I will keep me busy for at least a year or two! 

A few months ago, I cleaned up my stash.  I don’t have a large stash, but I do have enough to keep me inspired, and fabrics that can act as starters for a project.  While organizing, I was astounded at how many yellows and browns I had…about 6 yards of each.  I also discovered a large amount of red and green scraps civil ware repro types  (some large as fqs), that was about 5 yards total.  And enough 30s repro, some cut into 2″ squares, to consider a lap sized quilt…didn’t realize I collected those!  The strangest discovery was the brights, by sorting them by colour and putting them into bags, I had enough of those to start a quilt.  Brights are not really my thing, and these must have been hatching in the dark.  I also have several smaller “sets” of fabric that will work well into minis and small wallhangings that I used to enjoy doing so much.

So now I have all these baskets and bags of “collections” and colours.  I felt I had to make sure I used them – and I have!  The pink and blues already have been given to the Celebration sampler; the Riveria line of fabrics from Connecting Threads were perfect for the Floribunda project.  The leftover Glace scraps from my neice’s quilt is enough to do the Sue Garman machine applique.

There were three quilts I wanted to kit up for myself  – and the last couple of days the ideas kept flowing as I moved fabric and patterns from pile to pile. The red and green scraps that were destined for a sampler by Lori Smith, ended up back in the basket, to maybe turn into a 4 block applique from the A Baltimore Album book.  But that’s a simmering idea. The yellow and brown, with white and odd bits of green, will make that sampler into a  lively quilt.   I discovered that the 30s repro could work really well in the Anna’s Garden applique pattern by Lori Smith – I even found yards of a navy background to use.  The brights and a few batiks I have can wait for some kind of inspiration.  

I can hardly believe that I made up all these projects from my little stash.  I really have no reason to shop.  I am still doing some purchased blocks of the month, and will continue to do so, as they provide an opportunity to make a quilt from a pattern that is not readily available, or use fabrics in a way that is too hard for me to organize, or are just plain interesting!  So kits mights still be on the shopping list, but nothing else.  Is there a quilter’s oath I can swear….that I promise to use the kits I made up, make no swaps to make new kits, to not even consider yet another I have to have it? Hmmm…


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  1. If there is such an oath, I'm not sure I want to know about it! LOLI'm posting pictures of some fabric that followed me home today. 🙂

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