Commitment issues….


I have been obsessed with applique patterns and fabrics.  I haven’t been able to make many firm decisions, and my fabric choices go around and around in my head – dancing with different partner patterns.  I used to have many pieced projects on the go, now it seems I’m much more concerned with applique projects.  I also have a problem making a firm decision – is this really how I want to use this pattern or fabric??

I have made so many full and partly finished applique blocks over the past few weeks (and years!)   In the past couple of weeks in particular I have spent hours playing with my stash, reviewing patterns, internet browsing, and colouring quilts on EQ.  Yesterday I finally smacked myself on the head and said, this is not a life changing decision!  just go with something!  you have enough sense to know that you’re being overly particular and that really nothing is wrong with anything that you’ve tried so far – its like an itch that can’t be scratched 🙂  The point is to enjoy the sewing of applique, challenge myself a bit, and maybe at the end have a finished top that I can say, I made that with my own two hands 🙂

So, I made decisions….any bets if any of these quilt plans will result in that actual quilt?  I think so – I’m done with playing, for now…. I also seem to need a lot of variety – I am not the type of quilter to start one thing and finish it (well, how many of us are like that?) 

After giving up ever being happy with fabric choices for Baltimore n Bali by the Rabbit Factory, and making or prepping blocks one and two, way too many times, I’ve started another pattern by the Rabbit Factory called Celebration Sampler.  This seems to suit my collection of blues and pinks that I thought would be an applique quilt – the Celebration Sampler will give me a bit of everything, the blocks in this quilt are just pieced, or a combo of piecing and applique, or all applique.

Then comes blocks from Sue Garman’s quilt Hugs and Kisses, a b.o.m. from the Quilt Show.  I’ll be doing “just kisses”, the crossed leaves patterns, by machine applique (applique pieces prepped with edges turned and starched).  I enjoy machine applique, and if I did everything I wanted to by hand, well then I’d have a real problem.  I’m using scraps of Glace fabric leftover from another quilt.

I’m going to continue to follow the Floribunda b.o.m., as I very much like my fabric choices here, and her style of drawing, so similar to Piece O Cake designs.

And, I’m still debating about one more hand applique project that will either be blocks from A Baltimore Album, by Marsha Radtke, or and old favourite of mine that never got started, Anna’s Garden by Lori Smith.

So, it looks like I’ve ended up with a small amount of hand applique in the Celebration Sampler, a monthly hand applique block from Floribunda, machine applique every-other-month from Hugs and Kisses; and one other hand applique to be announced.  That’s pretty good decisions, now how about that commitment?


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  1. It sounds like you're going to be rather busy with applique over the next little while. :-)I've tried needle-turn, but I find machine applique (the little bit that I've done) MUCH easier.

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