Folk Style Sampler quilting


The quilting is done on the Folk Style sampler.

What made this free motion design work for me was to try to not make any kind of pattern – sew a few parallel or mirrored curves, but mostly try to fill areas in a random way, change direction, size and shape of the curves.  For the most part, this wasn’t hard – but there were a few times when I was so “in the moment” that I kind of woke up and realized I had got myself into a pattern, or stuck in corner, or somehow got myself into a position where my curves were going backward, or upside down, to where they should be.  But it really didn’t matter, because there was so many random moves of stitching that there are very few places for the eye to pick up a pattern – it mostly just looks like fill lines of random stitching.

I tried a few different free motion filler stitches in the light coloured column of sashing – but to me it just added confusion.  To give the quilt some peace, I just straight stitched one line of quilting in the centre of each black sashing, and two lines of stitching in the plain sashing.  The stitching in the black sashing was done in a dark brown, just to add some interest – it can’t even be seen in these pictures!


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