Pick and Choose quilt finished


Another quilt top finished!  This is a scrappy quilt, using the Buckeye Beauty Block, from American Patchwork and Quilting.  My original writing about it is at these blog dates where I thought it might be and  ugly quilt (which it isn’t!) and in this blog where I think about the quilting.

I had planned to do some machine embroidery quilting in the open spaces, but in the end decided to go ahead and free motion quilt in those areas.  I did learn something in the process.  Its too bad that quilting details don’t show up in pictures – here’s what happened.  In the sashing I decided to free motion a large swirl on each side of the sashing in the open square, connected by a doodle line and one or two smaller swirls.  When I was done, I was not at all happy.  The connecting line looked scraggly and out of place.  So I went back and kind of echo quilted that doodle line, branching off and making more swirlies in random places.  It looks so much better – so twice quilted, twice as nice!

My son took off with it before I got a good picture – here it is on his bed – notice the sock in the bottom corner, and the clutter on the right side – I couldn’t kick everything under his bed before the picture 🙂


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