A bit of this and a bit of that


This past week I’ve been making blocks for quilts in progress; still playing with fabric settings for the Baltimore & Bali pattern; practicing paper piecing; and searching for just the right pattern or idea to use some Fig Tree charm squares I have.

No pictures – but I can say I did successfully finish my first block of Moonglow – not too much fun I  must say, but when it was done I could say I learned a lot!  I finished the second applique block with the theme I had in mind, but in the end I wasn’t entirely happy with the result – so I bought some fabric which is on its way and will I hope solve that dilemma and get me stitching again.  I also made several little blocks and mock ups of blocks with the Fig Tre charms (Dandelion Girl and Gypsy Rose); still not sure where that’s going.   I think I have a good idea for a spring wallhanging from a paper pieced block by Carol Doak, we’ll see where that ends up!

I wanted to be quilting something – I pieced together a few large  batting scraps so I could start quilting the  Folk Style Sampler – got it laid out for spray basting and it was an inch or so short on one side…arrggghhh.  So I’m waiting for batting so I can do that.  I’m also waiting on getting the upgrade for my  D1 installed so I can finish quilting  the “Pick and Choose” with outline embroidery in some open areas.

I think that this mucking about with things will end by the weekend, and I’ll be back on track to doing the quilting I want; and making blocks and things that are keepers 🙂


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