Mountain Top


I am having a lot of fun working on Mountain Top blocks, from a block of the month by Homestead Hearth, pattern by Laundry Basket Quilts.

If you are a terrific scrap saver (which I’m not) this is a great pattern to use up those bits.  I chose to do it as a b.o.m., to keep from being overwhelmed, and because I wanted a huge variety of fabric.  Three blocks a month don’t take much time.  Just looking at all variety of bits of fabric keeps me interested.  I remember once doing a scrappy quilt from all my leftovers,  that’s when I was better at keeping scraps, and the memories!  Recalling all the quilts and quilts-that-might-have-been!

This is a block where I use my favourite ruler – the Easy Angle ruler.  You save a bit of fabric, as strips are cut 2 1/2″ instead of 2 7/8″ in the usual prep of hsts.  And they are so accurate!  Don’t be concerned about sewing on the bias, especially with the small size of these triangles – every hst I’ve ever made with this ruler has been so accurate I no longer measure to check.

After sewing the triangles together, I take the whole chain to the ironing board and without cutting them apart, lay them out with all dark sides up, then just press them one after the other.

Here are some of the blocks laid out on the floor.  This is a big quilt!  It finishes at 79 x 94.  I think I’ll be giving it to a niece who is going off to univeristy this summer/fall.  These are 15″ blocks, with sashings, 30 blocks to the quilt.  I’ve got about 20 finished this far, and I’m still thinking about making it smaller, or making a border which this quilt doesn’t have.  The original can be seen here.


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  1. I liked your quilt so much that I came to visit it again. Now I notice that the center block has one of the half-square triangles going in the wrong direction. In the bottom of the block, the last half-square on the right…see it. You could leave it as no quilt is perfect, but I'd probably change it as I make enough mistakes without purposely doing so. :0)

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