The quilt that won’t behave – update


If you can see in the picture the simple squares on point I quilted in the border – well, that’s it for border quilting.  I’m pretty sure I’m breaking the rules here, the rule being that the amount of quilting in the border should be similar to that in the centre – and these squares are pretty light on quilting – but for several days I’ve been thinking about how to add to these, after sewing one border length a week ago.  I like it like this, so its staying like this.  I like the simplicity, and I don’t think this quilt deserves any more work!  I also didn’t do any quilting lines in the little two patch scrappy inner border.

The good news is that the quilt was square when I trimmed off the excess batting and backing.  Now that’s a sign of a successful quilt – if despite all that goes wrong or might cause grief, if the quilt turns out square – its not bad at all.  On goes the binding, into the wash, folded and tied with selvedge fabric, and it will be put away for when I see my sister next.


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  1. I think the quilt looks lovely! And as far as breaking the rules is concerned – it's *your* quilt design – including the quilting – and *you* know what's best. So there! LOL

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