A Lori Smith mini quilt


I’m still in recovery and I so much need to sew!  I’ve been in the sewing room the last couple of days, and everything I pick up just seems too overwhelming.  So I’ve decided to do a little mini quilt from Lori Smith, called Josephine’s Pride, in one of her fit-to-frame collections.  I used to sew a lot of mini quilts and wallhangings, then somehow got caught up in lots of lap and bed sized quilts.  I’m going to see if I can get this done this weekend.

Here’s my cutting table after prepping the flying geese blocks that make up the sawtooth stars.  I’m using repro scraps leftover from another quilt.

When I’m sewing small pieces, especially ones cut on the bias, I find I can get more accuracy and control by using my regular sewing foot, and moving the needle over to an accurate quarter inch.  I have this spot written down!  If you can do this on your machine, give it a try.

Now that my little flying geese are done, and I managed to get matching fabrics on each point, there’s a little spring in my step already!


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