What I didn’t do this weeknd – Little Stitchies block of the month


My computer crashed early on Saturday morning – I was minding my own business, browsing the web or something (I was so shocked at what happened next, that I don’t really remember what I was doing).  The computer turned itself off, restarted, then said “can’t start because of missing boot….blah blah blah.  Panic.  Restarted and restarted and restarted.  Finally pushed F11 for system recovery – bam!  – disk drive is reformatted and chaos ensues.  End of the story, I finally got my email back; got my internet settings back; and some other stuff – should be happy at that, right?  But due to my own stupidity, I forgot to tell the back up program that I moved all my sewing and quilting files to the desktop – they weren’t backed up!!  Everything related to my studio, since Aug/08, is gone gone gone.  All the b.o.m.s, all the free patterns, all the emails, notes, etc. gone.   The best thing that happened all weekend, is that when I *did* get my email up and running, the first email to grab my attention was simply titled “Smile” – from a good friend – who know nothing about the computer crash –  is she psychic?

Well, as they say, don’t cry over spilled milk.  Or spilled bytes, ha ha.

Here’s some pics of a wonderful new block of the month program that recently started at Sew Sisters quilt shop.  Its called Little Stitchies, designed by Bare Roots stitchery,.  Was I ever surprised to receive my “start up kit” and first month’s block.  Look at the storage case!  And all the goodies – scissors, floss cards, floss, needles – was in that storage case as the start up kit.  And then the b.o.m. itself – a little encouraging note, a seasonal poem, terrific fabrics, and a clear pattern. 

This is what I have done so far, there will be three fabric “frames” to complete the block, the middle one stitched with a vine, leaves, and I think pumpkins.  When I trace any stitchery. I use the basic red transfer pencil by Dritz – just make sure to mirror image the block, either my scanning/photcopying, or tracing it first with a black marker from the back side of the pattern.  Then trace the design with the red transfer pencil to trace the design on to a clean piece of paper, and iron set it on to the block fabric. The red transfer pencil washes out easily, just a little cold water rinse in the sink once your block is done, let it dry, and press.


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