Still no way to share pictures


Its become obvious to me, well, I guess it was obvious anyway, that without a digital camera to post pictures, it’s awfully hard to document quiltmaking progress!

I rummaged through our electronics drawers – a drawer that some of you might have – full of manuals,  installation disks, usb cords, dead and no longer used bits of hardware and software.  I found our  first digital camera, bought about 10 years ago.  We thought it was the greatest!  But now it seems huge, and it is twice (at least) the weight of newer models, its has 1.3 megapixels!!!  Woooowwww!!  And that cost us hundreds of dollars at the time.  Well I took a  picture of some work in progress, all the while trying to remember why we stored it – there was something wrong with it, but I don’t remember what.  Now years have gone by, and the 32 mb flash card that stores the picture does not fit into my laptop, nor does it go into a portable card reader that I have.  I managed to dig out the USB cord for it, to plug it into the laptop, but after numerous attempts – it refused to connect to the laptop – despite a round of camera on-off, unplugging and plugging in – the cord fell apart – the piece that connects to the camera is now in my hand, with bare wires sticking out of the actual cord. 

A new camera is a definite must! 


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