Cottage Crossing Quilted


Here’s a little corner of finished quilt – I’m not up to getting a whole picture – I’m quite happy with how this quilt turned out – and I didn’t un-stitch too much, either! There are free motion curves in each courner of the geese crossing block, and free motion vines/leaves in the houses. Just straight stitching on the sashing, and on the borders. Now here is the problem – for the first time *ever* my lovely quilt has ripply edges, and the solid blue looks almost like its been feather quilted, but it hasn’t – its gone all ripply. It hasn’t yet been washed, so hopefully it will sort itself out; and, this is a gift for my sister, and I sure don’t like something weird like this happening to a gift quilt – and why this one?! I can’t think of one thing I did any differently than anyother of my quilts.

Here’s a pic of the whole quilt top, before it was quilted –

I have actually got some other projects started that are actual keepers! I’m going to try to get back to posting every day or two, as I almost always have something, or some idea, to share.


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