Applique – Honoring Emma


I was happy to find Lori Smith’s new applique pattern – Honoring Emma– I like Lori Smith’s applique designs because of their flowy curvy shapes, and this one had just the right size of blocks, a small centre medallion, and a good variety of designs throughout the blocks.  (Oh! and her new sampler patterns are wonderful too – I will likely end up starting one of those soon as well :))

honoring emma draft block ones abcI ended up making 3 versions of the first block (well, the two cotton ones aren’t fully finished).  As my optometrist would say, “better A, or better B?  Better B or better C?”, lol.  I’m going with C – the wool applique.

  There’s nothing particularly wrong with A and B, they just somehow didn’t seem right to me – not the look I wanted to achieve.  C is the first wool applique I’ve done and it was fun. I used a flannel background, and wool felt which was I think 60/40 wool/rayon. The layout was much easier than with needleturn, the stitching honoring emma block one woolwas quick and easy, and I got to do a bit of decorative embroidery on some of the flowers.  So I will soon move on, finally, to block two.


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