Try, Try, Again


Anyone who has read this blog, or knows my quilting style, knows that I am indecisive in choosing and sticking to quilt project.  I’ll plan a wonderful quilt, start a block and yuck.  I’ll prep a kit for quilt, then decide later to use those fabrics, or part of them, in something else.  I have sewn countless applique blocks in the past two years, all from different sources and never ending up to be just what I wanted.

The past few weeks I’ve sewn two needleturn blocks – the same but different fabrics – and now I’m making it up as wool applique on felt.  I’ve also sewn one and half bluework blocks, from Margaret Docherty’s Hearts and Tulips book, but came to realize that it wasn’t working out how I imagined.  The past few months I’ve been following Anne Sutton’s (BunnyHill Designs) A Tisket a Tasket block of the month, working it as a fusible applique project.  Now I’m thinking of turning it into a redwork quilt.  I’ll post pictures of all these efforts in the next few days.

stars and nine patch quiltedMeanwhile, I did get a quilt quilted! (With of course one or two areas tried out, ripped out, and re-quilted).  Here’s the Stars and Nine Patch,


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