Sometimes I wonder if my subsconscious knows things before I do.  Here’s what happened over the course of a few days the weekend before last.  On Sunday, I had a thought, coming from nowehere, that I don’t like the blue and tan fusible applique quilt I’m doing – I should stop and put the pattern away for another time when I’m prepared to do it as a needleturn projecT.  Later in the day, I thought about making it up as a “redwork” project, and asked dh to copy and shrink the block patterns to 9”.

Two days later, I start to ponder Bether Ferrier’s new b.o.m., which I very much wanted to do but had given up as I couldn’t get the fabrics together in my stash.  Oh!  The blue and tan would be perfect – with green and maybe pink accents in the flowers!

And then the next day – I’m working on one of the Rachel’s Reels blocks and get frustrated at my dog who is jumping all over dh who is beside me the couch – I should have stopped sewing but I didn’t and the result was a very messy inside corner.

Dinner came and went, and I’ve suddenly got the idea to use those applique/redwork patterns on this quilt!  How come it all works out so neatly?

 blackwork civvies


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