Tiger Lily applique wallhanging done


When I was a teenager, I learned to ski. I went on many ski trips over a few winters, and I was a terrific skiier if I say so myself 🙂 I only had one problem – I could not handle any chair lift, or tow lift. I was a menace to anyone behind me on the lifts. Despite coaching, and resucing, by the ski patrol at the top of the lifts, I always always fell down, or slipped backwards and caused a commotion. My friends ceased to want to go skiing with me – I was an embarrassment and a danger to others, lol.

This story illustrates my problem with applique, using a vinyl or paper layout guide, or a ruler to measure; then glue or pins or even thread, I carefully place my piece where it belongs. Magically, after its sewn, it moves – just an 1/8th here or a 16th of an inch there. Arrgghh. This is particularly noticeable on symmetrical designs – on this quilt its blaring at me that the leaves on the top bar stem are a further distance to the stem than the leaves on the bottom bar. But, this time I’m only a danger to myself, ha ha, and I will continue on with my individual interpretation of designs.


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