getting off track….


I had been doing so well in finishing up some UFOs and turning them in to tops.  The red and white mini quilt, done.  The stars and nine patch, done.  Then I attacked – there is no other word for it – a quilt I’m calling baskets and stars strippy.  Here’s a picture of what it was like a few months ago, well this past summer:

strippy stars and baskets

I had started this quilt for my Mom, then decided not to put the applique vines in the centre bars.  While I was thinking this would be her Christmas present, I put it away to work on some other projects.  Then my Mom decided she wanted my prize winning quilt from fair – At Home and Away.  The last four or five months has been a frustrating experience with my Mom as she keeps saying that At Home and Away is too narrow for her bed and she can’t keep it unless I “fix” it.  I tell her I can’t (or won’t) make it bigger, and I already have a quilt that was being made for her.  This conversation repeated itself over and over.  Now finally, I here from her that At Home and Away is in a bag, sitting in the trunk of her car (!) waiting for delivery to me. This could be another few weeks.  And I have finally convinced her, I think, to accept the strippy quilt as her birthday gift.  Arrghh.

I spent several hours this week working on how to finish this quilt with the fabric I have left, to make it the specific size she has decided on.  I’ve added a wide border to all four sides, a small applique vine (the fusible appliques had been made months ago) on the bottom corners, and pieces cornerstone blocks.  All I have to do is sew down the appliques and then sew on the borders…but I’ve been putting it off, because…

I finally decided to cut up block bags for Lori Smith’s   30s Sampler  I had already had some fabric put away for this, and I ordered the remainder.   My fabrics aren’t exactly 30s, but they are somewhat pastel and traditional.  It arrived on Friday and I spent Friday and yesterday organizing colours and cutting.  Still not done!  Today I really should get back to the baskets and stars and have the top done.


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