Stars and Nine Patch


Here’s a picture of the completed top for this quilt – dh was in a rush, the top was freshly ironed, and this was the best he was going to do –

stars and nine patch top

This was the most challenging diagonal set that I’ve ever put together.  When I first put some of these blocks on the design board I realized that some colours were going to sort of clump together and some not.  So I decided to plan it so that the colours were grouped together.  That meant laying out the rows on the floor, then figuring out what colours to make the pieced triangles which are a  kind of half nine-patch.  Then after carefully counting and sewing all the appropriate triangles, I drew a map of what colour went where.  I have a very small workspace and there was no room to lay them out as I sewed them, so there was row labels, and my map to keep me in line.  I was so happy to see it looking right when I put the final top on the floor!

The pattern calls for a pieced nine patch border set on point – but all my scraps left are really scraps so I’m not sure how I’ll use them, if at all, and I also have a nice bright light blue that I’d like to use in the border.


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