Stars for a New Day – The Quilt Show b.o.m.


I looked at the fabric requirements for this beautiful quilt and just about gave up.  22 yards!!  Whoa! 

Stars for a New Day

I’m on a restricted fabric diet this year – trying to start a quilt top with fabrics from the stash, and adding only what I’m sure I need.

After much searching, I came up with several fabrics that would work – but only a few colours.  I was very lucky in finding a wonderful print online, to link together all the colours, and when it came it matched perfectly!

Now, though, despite what I already have, I realize I’m already very short.   I know this is a block of the month, that does last one year, but I do think that I shouldn’t be adding new fabrics on the last borders or two without having them somewhere else in the inner part of the quilt, or else it would look like an add on.

This is what I have so far:

stars for a new day swatches small

The yellow fabrics in the middle were going to be my background fabric – six yards needed, and I don’t have  that much – I could change it to a scrappy white background but I don’t know how much the yellow would then show up.  I think I also need to find some lighter versions of the pink, blue and green, and maybe even add a brown.  But I’m not buying more! 

The pattern calls for five fabrics that each need 1 1/4 to 2 yards . That could be the multi floral, the pindot (3rd down in the middle), the blue floral….that’s it so far.  Maybe the yellow?  And then 18 fabrics that are 1/2 yard!  So far I have six, and I’m not sure I have a whole 1/2 yard of these.

As much as I love this quilt design, and have even bought fabric for it, I’m thinking I might have to pass.  Its just way too much fabric to find, and store, unless I could possibly come up with at least  9 of the 1/2 yards, and  bought the border fabrics later.

I already have three or four pieced quilts on the go, many more to tempt me, and one more pieced quilt that I must decide on that will be both a wedding quilt for my son, and my fair entry for this fall. 

More thought needed – I’m really happy with how these fabrics play together and maybe they’d be happier in another quilt.

Another thought – I have a lot of civil war repros, and a – confession here – monthly subscription for a 12- fat eighth collection – maybe I’ll try the quilt in completely random scrappy – just go nuts and throw everything in there!  Don’t even look at the parts together, or think about anything more than what I’m doing that month -Stars for a New Day – or Quilt Soup Stars!!, lol.  Oh, I think I’m liking this idea 🙂


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