A different way of edge finishing – Almost Log Cabin done!


almost log cabin top








I completed this top in the Fall, and had the centre quilted, when an oops occurred – I don’t even remember what was the oops – but the result was a good sized rip through the border.alc rip  At the time, I thought I could fix it by adding another border (I had about 3-4″ of batting overhanging the top) , making the red border narrower, or patching the rip then adding appliques.

When I pulled it out of hiding – my table needed a bright non-christmasy table topper – I decided on a rather unique way of finishing off this quilt.

I had a length of fabric that would go with the top, and I Aripped lengths of it, 10″ wide. Each length I folded in half lengthwise and pinned it to the border, measuring how far in I had to go cover the original rip. alc piningAfter sewing all four sides, opposite sides first, I had a nice flange added to the quilt. But – another oops – even being a garment sewer I didn’t take into account that I should have measured the last two lengths in order to hem them in and have a finished outer edge. And, I thought there was a bit of oomph still needed.

I dug out my little box of heavy threads, and with bobbin work (working upside down, wrong side up, with the embroidery floss in the bobbin so it would show on top) I did a neat little zig zag all around. I am ever happy with the result! The whole job was much quicker than a traditional binding, much quicker than adding and quilting a second border.

alc corner 2

alc corner 3


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