Redwork Snowmen and a Jelly Roll


The top for the Delectable Mountains was done on Friday – however no good picture yet.

Then I started on yet another top that I wanted to be for the Christmas holidays. I’m beginning to think that I wasn’t meant to make a Christmas quilt or wallhanging – every attempt, other than the first successful wreath I made years ago, has turned out badly. Just not what I wanted.

This one holds more promise, but I’m still feeling kind of stuck. It all started with a jelly roll, and a disk of redwork machine embroidery snowmen (Snowman Collector by the Stitch Connection). I wanted to combine these into I think a lap quilt, but now I’m thinking a wall quilt. That wreath from years ago is looking kind of tired 🙂

I started making strip pieced hsts, then proceeded to four piece rail fences, then played on EQ to decide if I should make the snowman a centre or a border. Three days later, and this is what I have –

I will definitely add some heavy red decorative stitching around the snow people, before quilting. I’ll need to add a small plain border to the centre to make it big enough for the rail fence blocks, and add some kind of pieced corner blocks. Then there is the problem of the hsts – even though they came from the same pack, the way I divided them – lights and darks – made it so that there is suddenly this blue colour in the hsts – the background of the redwork is a very pale yellow which matches the yellows in the fabric design – but the only blue so far is the bits in the hsts. I have enough of the hsts to go around the whole quilt, to make it lap size, but I’m not sure that’s what I want to do. I’m hestitating sewing the rest together in case I want to re-arrange everything. I really should just put it away for now.

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  1. The redwork blocks are so adorable. I think I'd try turning the hst blocks around so the colored triangles pointed out-then the light color would reflect back to the background of the redwork blocks. The colors are all very pretty and I think the quilt will be lovely.

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