Green Kaleidoscope


That’s an original quilt name! I have to think of something different…

I really enjoyed sewing these blocks. They were more challenging than the usual strip piecing or basic triangle and square shapes, yet not so challenging that caused frustration or moments of arrrggghhh. I used Marti Mitchells’ kaleidoscope ruler (small) and her Kaleidoscope ABCs book. The book was important to my enjoyment of making these, I think. While I could have figured out the piecing of these on my own, her step by step instructions and drawings were key to successful sewing and results. There was some chain piecing, and some fiddly bits. On almost all my blocks, that points do meet in the middle, and I don’t think there are more than a few with a very tiny tip cut off, they all sit nice and flat. I think I’ll start cutting up small kaleidoscope pieces from scraps, to gradually build a scrap version.

And…this weekend I got involved in Inklingo, but that’s another post 🙂 Take a look at Linda is a Canadian designer that has come up with a truly original and easy to use method of printing your quilt pieces on directly on the fabric for cutting and either machine or hand piecing. Don’t miss the free download – give it a try!


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  1. Hi Penny:Nice to discover your blog after reading your post on the Inklingo list! I'm in Southwestern Ontario…nice to see another Canadian quilter so close by :-). I hope to learn some Inklingo in a few weeks when I get together with a couple friends to give it a try! Love your green kaleidoscope quilt…Jacqui in SW Ontario Canada

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