Last spring I had started a quilt top from Beth Ferrier’s book, Out of the Cupboard and Onto the Bed.

I got as far as piecing the baskets and making the centre, sewing the diagonal setting squares, and then I decided I didn’t like how it was looking. It went to quilt jail – the baskets on my shelf, way up high where I need a stool to reach. So I brought it down and went to work on the vines and leaves – I plan on using a free motion thread painting idea to sew down the fused applique leaves, following ideas from Anne Fahl’s Colouring with Thread. Now that I have put the leaves and berries on, its looking much better – I think I even like it!

This month I would really like to try some new things – I have a few tops planned and cut out, but what I would really like to do is play with ideas that have been brewing, and some rulers and books that I’ve bought but not used. On the list is a kaleidoscope top, a stack and whack, some kind of diamonds or stars – all small wallhanging or table topper size. They say if you state a goal, you’re more likely to get it done! So in that spirit, I bought myself three more books! – The Its Okay if you Sit on my Quilt book, which I have always wanted but never got; Stars by Magic by Nancy Srebro-Johnson, which I truly hope will let me make lemoyne stars by magic; and the Border Workbook which I will use to create some kind of new, wonderful, easy! border for my Mom’s strippy basket and stars.

I also have to let myself cut into my nice fabric for these quilts – I find that when I know I’m experimenting, I tend to hold back and pick bits and pieces that aren’t all that nice, therefore undermining my efforts. So, if I have to cut up a whole beautiful fat quarter just to use one or two strips, so be it!!

Mike gave me a wonderful OttLite for my birthday, so now I can sit and happily applique on the darkest winter night with the best light. It sits on the table next to “my” seat on the couch and can reach and move to exactly where I want it – it even has a magnifier! Although why I’d want to magnify my work I don’t know…


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